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St. John's York Mills Anglican Church, North York on

Project Details:          Renovation of nave, expanded chancel, chapel, lobby, new offices and creation of new lounge/lobby overflow, 

                              new washrooms. 

                              Completed: January, 2013

Features:                  St. John's York Mills is the 2nd oldest Anglican church in Toronto dating from 1814 and Parker Architects was                                     asked to upgrade the nave, chancel and chapel as well as create new offices and expand and upgrade the                                       lobby. The lighting in the church was upgraded to LED fixtures and new dual projection screens were designed                                   and installed. The lobby was refurbished and modernized and a new outdoor patio extension was added. The                                   church offices were relocated and a new lounge was added in their place which was designed to act as an                                       expansion area for the lobby. Washrooms were also upgraded as were some basement rooms. The end result is                                 a total rejuvenation of the church. 

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