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southridge - vineland location, vineland on

Project Details:          Renovation of existing facility.

                               Completed: Spring, 2012

Features:                  The goal was to completely upgrade the existing facility to 21st century requirements. The majority of the parking                                 is at the rear of the building which meant that most people enter through the back doors. The problem with this                                   was that there was no direct way from the rear doors to the front lobby and the Sanctuary. Blocking direct                                         access to the lobby was an exterior garden courtyard. The solution was to construct a roof over the courtyard                                     and turn it into an interior extension of the lobby. The resulting high vaulted space provides direct access to the                                   front lobby and acts as the new central meeting space and Coffee Cafe. The Sanctuary was completely                                             renovated with chairs replacing the old pews and the platform enlarged and performance lighting and                                               upgraded AV systems installed. The result is a new life for an older building making it attractive to a new                                           generation.

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