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shobrook gardens senior's home

uxbridge, on

Project Details:          60 unit senior's ‘Life Lease’ apartment building.

Features:                  An upscale retirement apartment building containing amenities such as underground parking, health                                                   spa/swimming pool, roof top garden, tower library, activity rooms, workshop, 150 seat hall for group activities.                                 Situated on a prominent corner site this new facility acts as a gateway to the town of Uxbridge. The well treed                                     property is extensively landscaped with gardens, walking paths, resident’s garden plots, and pond. The                                             development is based on the ‘ Life Lease’ concept which refers to a form of tenure whereby a resident purchases                                 a right to occupy a housing unit and to use the common facilities for as long as is desired. The resident  has the                                   right to transfer their right to occupy a unit to a future resident subject to certain conditions which ensure the                                       integrity of the complex. Ownership and title to the project remains in the name of the sponsoring organization.

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