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lakemount worship centre, grimsby on

Project Details:          32,440 sq ft., 1,160 seats

                               Completion Date: 2014

Features:                  Addition of a new multi-purpose 966 seat auditorium designed so that it can expand to 1160 seats in total. The                                   existing building is linked to the new by a large central lobby that runs through the facility. The existing                                               sanctuary was developed into a multi-purpose assembly area adjacent the new youth area. A new gymnasium                                   was added along with expanded lower level education rooms. A second floor administration area is located                                       above the new lobby and is adjacent balcony seating within the new auditorium. All areas of the
                               existing facility were renovated to the same standard as the new additions. The new auditorium is a             

                               pre-engineered steel structure.

LakemountFacade cropped1.jpg
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