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HIGH ON RYE, niagara-on-the-lake, on

Project Details:          Infill house - approximately 2700 sq. ft.                     Recipient of a 2010 Niagara Community Design Award.

                               Completed: 2004

Features:                   Commissioned by a young couple looking for a contemporary new home of the highest standards. Their wish                                      was for a thoroughly modern home able to fit comfortably with its historic neighbours. The design concept was                                    to use traditional forms arranged in a contemporary manner resulting in an arrangement of two simple                                              traditional house forms set side by side with a transparent intervening two-storey space enclosed in glass. The                                    living room is a two-storey volume with an upper 'library' balcony on two sides. The centrally located open stair                                  breaks through the sidewall of the brick-clad form providing sitting and viewing of the neighbouring gardens.

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