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Philpott Memorial Church, hamilton, on

Project Details:          Approximately 44,000 sq ft., 830+ seats

                               Completion Date: Expected Spring 2025

Features:                  Having been located in the downtown core of Hamilton for the past 100+ years, the church decided they                                           needed a new and more contemporary facility but wanted to remain within the downtown core. After years                                       searching, when the existing downtown Lincoln Alexander Conference Centre became available, the church                                       recognized the opportunity and purchased the LAC facility along with two adjacent properties and an existing                                   100+ space parking lot. 

                              The two adjacent properties will contain a large 4-storey addition with the final facility containing a new 480+                                    seat (w/ balcony) main auditorium, existing 350+ seat third-floor theatre, a new ground-floor community activity                                  space, offices, gymnasium and children & adult meeting spaces including a central kitchen and lobbies. 

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