Practical Tips For Church Building Projects

Faith Based Fundraising, Parker Seminoff Architects and Parker Architects are excited to bring you a series of educational videos that help explain the various steps required for a church to expand their facilities.

These videos help your congregation evaluate  the most cost effective and efficient use of either their current facilities or your options for building an entirely new building. With our combined experience in the business of designing churches across Canada, our group of professionals can assist you with everything from creating an effective fundraising program to cover the costs associated with expansion, to ensuring your project provides the most effective use of the space possible.

To help explain a bit more about what you’ll find in these highly informative videos please take a few minutes to watch our first two videos in the series by David Belsey of Faith Based Fundraising and Kelly Seminoff from Parker Seminoff Architects which you’ll find just below.

Each video is eight to ten minutes long and will give you some basic ideas to think about when planning on either an expansion or a new building for your congregation. There are four more videos available for you if you find these helpful.

To gain access to them, simply click the link at the bottom of the page and below the video and we’ll send you the links in just a few moments.


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Click HERE to Access Additional Videos


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