Single family homes offer a unique challenge for every Architect. Each family has it’s own specific requirements, likes and dislikes and being successful in addressing all of these inputs gives one a real sense of achievement. We love the asthetic of modern design as well as an appreciation for historic styles and we love the challenge of combining the two in the same project. Whatever the approach we feel it is essential to be sympathetic to the neighbourhood in scale and detail. A modern home can be successfully incorporated into an older environment without detracting from the whole. Our High-on-Rye is an example of a thoroughly modern home using historic elements and fitting comfortably next to an historic home. Similarly, 30 Glenridge is an architecturally important 1920’s residence into which we inserted a contemporary modern interior all the while respecting the important historical details of the original home. The Boot house shows the transformation of an ordinary 60’s home. Click on a picture for information on that project.


Boot House

Yellow Village House

Village House

30 Glenridge Ave.

Bushy House



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