Church Additions

As churches grow their need for expanded facilities increases and often the only solution is to add on to their existing building. Our Development Feasibility Study assists churches in making the decision on whether they can achieve their expansion requirements on their existing property or  would it be better to relocate to a new location and construct a new facility.  We look at what expansion can be achieved on a church’s existing property  and what it would cost versus what could be achieved  by relocating and what that would cost. Being able to present your congregation with a detailed study for both options along with the comparable costs for each makes it easier to make a decision. The following are examples of church expansions that Parker Architects has had the privilege to be involved with.

Chippawa Presbyterian

Heart Lake Baptist

Southridge Community






Calvary Pentecostal

First Assembly

North Bramalea United







Lakemount Worship Ctr

Calvary Pentecostal

Willingdon Mennonite






Ralph Connor United

St.Johns Anglican

St.James Catholic



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