Chippawa Presbyterian Church

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Chippawa Presbyterian Church required an upgrading of their existing facility including a larger Lobby, new Administration, Nursery, Chapel, additional Christian Education facilities and a new accessible entrance. Located on a site restricted by the close proximity of their historic cemetery, any expansion was a challenge. The solution was to extend the existing Sanctuary to the south leaving room for the existing Lobby to expand. The result is a dramatically larger Lobby which reinvigorates the centre of the facility. Space was found to expand into the east side parking lot for the new Administration, Chapel, Nursery and Christian Education rooms. The goal was to revitalize the Sanctuary by fine tuning the acoustic performance of the room and creating a new and brighter look. The overbearing old wood panelling end wall was removed and at the recommendation of our Acoustic Engineers, the existing wood ceiling was clad with painted drywall in order to create a more live sound within the room. The results are dramatic and the sound is wonderful.





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